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Pandora clay for bronze

Pandora is ready for the next step in the bronze process.

The subject of “Pandora” has long been a profound theme…that of glory and potential tragedy, perhaps the story of humankind. As Artist, I strive to portray images that inspire thought and inspire introspection…this theme has many facets.

Of course, following the theme, from Pandora, we think of ‘the box’…once opened, the contents cannot be re -contained, in looking at this sculpture, we, the viewer are the box- freshly opened!

Pandora’s expression of surprise, her eyes wide, looking right above our line of sight, at the spot on the crown of our head, ‘the idea’…

As you encircle the sculpture, clockwise, you first see her pet dragon “Chaos” then The Cathedral of Chaos…in bronze, looking within the doors you will see an illuminated ‘box’, passing beyond and behind, from the tail of ‘Chaos’ her other pet escargot “Nautilis” works frantically to re weave the threads of life and meaning back to order…continuing on our circular journey we come to “the Gate of the Golden Ratio” the companion to “chaos” universal order…

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